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Men’s 94 kg: Press conference quotes

Ilya Ilin (KAZ), gold medallist:

“In my second snatch I hurt my elbow and the doctor tried to fix it. I was worried that I could not compete, but my coach helped me and gave me confidence. He helped me stand up psychologically. In the clean and jerk I got 226kg. I began to congratulate myself because I had done my best. If others had lifted more than me, they are good boys. I would have been happy for them.”

Szymon Kolecki (POL), silver medallist:

“I should have won by 6 good attempts, but I was able just for 5.”

Khadzhimurat Akkaev (RUS), bronze medallist:

(after his competition was over in group B): 
“I think my 402 kg should be enough for winning the gold medal. I came just for gold and not for silver or bronze.”
(after the competition was over in group A): 
“It was my coach’s greatest mistake he ever did by stopping me to start together with the highest quality of athletes in this class.”