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Women’s 75 kg: The strongest woman on the Earth emerges tonight

A dream for all, competiton without Chinese rival will come to live in women’s +75 kg class. The dominant figure of this field is Jang Mi ran (KOR)has been undeafeted at world championships since winning the second place athe Athens Games in 2004. her winning total has increased from 300 kg to 319 kg. Realistically, the challengers will fight for the additional medals.Olha Korobka (UKR) looks to have an edge over the rest of the field, having lifted over 280 kg in total with the occasional result over 290 kg. Ele Opeloge has the chance to win Samoa’s first ever Olympic medal.

Jang Mi ran (KOR) Olha Korobka (UKR) Ele Opeloge (SAM)