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Men’s 85 kg press conference quotes:

Lu Yong (CHN), gold medallist:

“After Rybakou (BLR)  snatched 5 kg more than me I was not worried about it. If the lead did not surpass 10 kg I knew I beat him. After the jury reversed my second attempt in clean and jerk my mindset was definitely affected. But the judgement have been made and I of course could not change it. I had one more chance to convince everybody.Now I just want to have a rest. I have not had a good sleep since the competition started on 9th August. and I have not eaten for two days. Now everything has paid off.”

Andrei Rybakou (BLR), silver medallist:

“I was not able to watch Lu Yong’s last attempt. This moved decided on only on him but on me at the same time. What can I say? If you lift around 200 kg or more you do not know what this 28 dkg is. At this case 28 dkg ment a lot. Up or down.”

Tigran Varban Martirosyan (ARM), bronze medallist:

“I think it was a very exciting competition. The final positions were decided on bodí weight on the first and on the third place. How a little difference of 76 dkg can affect a life.”