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Jang’s impressive performance resulted five new world records.

Jang Miran (KOR) was absolutely unsatisfied with the fact her name was not mentioned on any type of record list before the last competiton started in +75 kg class. She really had a stong desire to rewrite the record lists and really showed top form setting up five new world and seven Olympic records at the same time at the Beijing Olympics. First she smashed snatch Olympic record by 136 kg. This discipline’s former record holder was in Ding Mei Yuan scored 135 kg in Sydney in 2000. The next step was to make a push on Mu’s world record of 139 kg lifted in Doha WC in 2006. Jang was succesful with 140 kg. She dominated clean and jerk as well. It was the last time to see Tang’s name as a current record holder on the scoreboard as Jang’s first lift (175 kg) resulted a new Olympic record of 315 kg in total. Tang Gonghong’s clean and jerk world and Olympic record set up in Athens in 2004 (182 kg) was broken by 183 kg. It meant new world and Olympic record in total (323 kg) as weel. By her exceptional performance at her last attempt Jang set up clean and jerk (186 kg) and total (326 kg) world and Olympic record