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Comments from Tamas Ajan (HUN), President of the IWF, at a press conference at the BUAA Gymnasium on Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing, 15 August / Comments from Tamas Ajan (HUN), President of the IWF, at a press conference at the BUAA Gymnasium on Friday, August 15, 2008


Tamas Ajan IWF President


On the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games:

“In my opinion in the modern Olympic Games era, this is the best-organized and the biggest Olympic Games ever. The Chinese Organizing Committee (BOCOG) are doing everything for a perfect Olympic Games. It makes me very happy. No one is talking about the environmental pollution or the Torch Relay, they are talking about the Olympics.”

On the Weightlifting competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games:”

“WE have 88 countries which is a huge number. Never before has that happened. The results are speaking for themselves, we have three world records and eight or nine Olympic records.”

On doping tests carried out by the IWF in 2008:

“The doping tests took place between 1st January and 15th July, 2008. This is not a secret. Our organization is absolutely transparent. We’ ve spent over $650,000 and are very much working for zero tolerance. Only federations can find positive cases. I am very proud of this. We are very much for clean and fair sport”.

“I am so happy that until now we do not have any positive cases, but we still have more categories, so let me say I am praying every day.”

On this reaction to the comments made by World Anti-Doping Agency President John FAHEY (AUS) about possible changes to future Olympic Games programmes:

“This statement was made on the second day of the beautiful and wonderful Olympic Games. I am a member of that board, but I do not agree with that statement. It dampened the good mood of such a good Olympic Games. If I was sitting in his chair I would not have made a very important statement on only the second day of the beautiful Olympic Games. This kind of statement I cannot accept. I do not want to hurt his career, but if he wishes to hurt one of the oldest federations, I cannot accept such a statement.”.

On the media’s focus on doping in Weightlifting:

“Maybe it is my fault because in 1976 the IWF started a strong campaign against drugs. It was 12th November 1976. The IWF was the first to adopt the resolution that we verify world records only if they (the athlete) passed doping control. We were also the first federation to do out/ofcompetition doping tests. This was like a revolution at that time.”

“Weightlifting is a sensitive sport for drugs. Each sport has its own measures. Doping is a part of modern sport, I hope we can minimize the amount of positive cases.”

Weightlifting is a core sport for the Olympic Games and I expect all this work that we do is helpful for the Olympic movement, I think both cycling and weightlifting will be on the Olympic program (in London).

On the 31 kg difference between Gold meadllist LIU Chundong (CHN) and Silver medalist Oxana SLIVENKO (RUS) in the Women’s 69 kg category on Wednesday night:

“This morning I was at the swimming pool and I do not want to tell you the difference between the US man and the second place. Each sport has its great talents and the young lady from China is a great talent. You have seen that she is not only perfect in technique but her preparation is excellent. This makes a big difference.”

“My technical officials paid a visit to a Chinese sports school. They have the right roots. If hundreds and hundreds of young boys and girls are training every day, with the right nutrition, food and medical treatment, it won’t surprise me if they win more Gold medals. They have fantastic preparation. I am sure that their training programme will be ready for London (2012 Olympic Games).”