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women’s 69 kg press conference quotes:

Liu Chunghong (CHN), gold medallist:

“As for my future, it is very hard to say anything at the moment. I’d like to take a break because in the last few years I have been training very hard and I feel physically exhausted. Now I just want to see my parentsand spend some time with them. After Athens Games I spent only a week with them before I went back training, so this time I want to spend more.”

Oxana Slivenko (RUS), silver medallist:

“As we say in Russia, ‘even the walls will help you’. It is always adventegous to be at and to compete at home. I think the circumstances are not the same for Chines athletes. We were woken up very early for doping control but I do not think they could not relex and rest at the same time. I am not surprised at the result, they are very impressive”

Natalya Davidova (UKR), bronze medallist:

“The Games are the Games and I knew that I had to make a special effort for that. Congratulation to the winner as she is an outstanding athlete. She had the will and if you have it, you achieve results like this. I will get a lot of money from our goverment. I think I will support my parents and other members of my family. I hope I will buy a new apartement as well.”