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Women’s 69 kg: Liu Chunhong (CHN) crowned by five new world records

Davidova UKR Liu CHN Slivenko RUS

It was clear very soon who the winner will be in this category. Liu was not gentle enough to leave any chance for the others.She had an unbelievable performance by snatching 125 kg and 128 kg world record. Her record breaking happiness continued in clear and jerk. Liu’s dominance was complete jerking 149 kg which resulted a world record total of 277 kg. She improved her best by lifting 158 kg brought a fantastic new world recor in total as well with 286 kg. Oxana Slivenko (RUS) realized very soon her possible position on the rank list and she was just focusing to grab the silver medal, which she was successful by 255 kg. She had no other choice to watch Liu’s attemps how she was breaking Slivenko’s world records.Natalya Davydova (UKR) progressed faultlessly and secured her bronze medal with 250 kg. Two brilliant lifters of the next generaqtion had a real fight for the 4th place. Finally Solis (COL) was better by 2 kg then the youngest lifter of all, 16 years old Khalil (EGY).