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women 69 kg: The day of a great dual

Oxana Slivenko (RUS) Liu Chunhong (CHN)

Choosing a favourite from Liu Chunhong (CHN), 2004 Olympic gold medallist, 2005 World Champion and Oxana Slivenko (RUS), 2006 and 2007 World Champion, current World record holder is very difficult. The two are matched in both age and power.These two prominent athletes will decide who the real quenn is in this class. Slivenko set world record of 276 kg a year ago, including 123 kg in snatch (WR), when she won against Liu last year’s WC. Liu’ 2005 world title was in the 75 kg class, in which she currently holds the clean and jerk worls record. (159 kg). They are the outstanding leading figures of this field and probably they share the top two positions at the victory ceremony.