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Liu’s impressive performance resulted five new world records.

Liu Chunhong (CHN) was absolutely unsatisfied with the fact she only had Olympic records set up in Athens, but not a single world record in 69 kg class (she has one in 75 kg clean and jerk). She wanted to rewrite the record list and really showed top form setting up the very first five new world records at the Beijing Olympics in weightlifting. First she smashed snatch records by 125 kg then 128 kg. Her Olympic record (122kg) said good bye to the list. The previous world record was held by Oxana Slivenko (RUS) setting it up at Santo Domingo World Championships in 2006 (123 kg). Kasaeva probably saw on tv how Liu dominated clean and jerk as well. Her world record set up in Doha World Championships in 2005 (157 kg) was broken by 158 kg. Liu surpassed her Athens Olympic record result (152 kg) by 6 kg. On her exceptional way Liu set up total world records two times, by 277 kg and then 286 kg. The former world record holder Slivenko watched on the warm up room’s tv how Liu played with 158 kg and deprived her from her world record set up a year ago in Thailand at WC (276 kg). Compairing to her Athens Olympic record Liu’s progress is 11 kg in total!