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Svetlana Tsarukaeva (RUS)

Favourite Svetlana Tsarukaeva (RUS) made early exit from the field. The fancied Russian lifter could not manage her starting 107 kg in snatch. Maneza (KAZ) was reported due to heavy pain in her elbow she could not compete.
At the halfway mark, Nekrassova (KAZ) had the first position with a 110 kg snatch followed by Pak Hyon-Sun (PRK) and Lu Ying-Chi (TPE).
Nerkassova started her clean and jerk with 130 kg and she had a big step with 135 kg next, but she failed two times. Lu was successful only by her first lift of 127 kg, but finally it turned out she could get a bronze in total. After two missed attempts at 135 kgsuccess at her last attempt gave PAK a total of 241 kg and the gold medal.

Nekrassova (KAZ) Pak Hyon-Sun (PRK) Lu Ying-Chi (TPE)