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Women’s 63 kg press conference quotes

Pak Hyon Suk (PRK), gold medallist:
“Ihave never dreamed that I would win gold, but now I am fully overjoyed. I failed my first two attempts, however when I was about to do sthe third I kept in my mind that the Dear Leader of our country would be watching this effort and it encoureged me and that’s how I was able to lift the last weight. In September there will be a great national celebration and I will enter the arena with my gold around my neck. This is the first gold in this sport in our country.I will parade with this medalbrings great joy  to me.”


Irina Nekrassova (KAZ), silver medalist:
“Regarding the crucial moment when I could win gold, I thought I could achieve 135 kg in clean and jerk, but unfortunately I failed an I did not show good result. I burst into tears because this first medal for Kazakhstan at the Games could have been a gold, but it was silver.”


Lu Ying-Chi (TPE), bronze medalist:
“It was beyond my wildest dreams that I would win this medal. Of course I myself could not follow the results of my rivals. My coach actually lied me, he said that I was ranked 8th and if Kim failed that I would have been ranked 7th. So I was overjoyed about this medal.”