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Men’s 69 kg: Two Chinese for one gold. Plus some other…

Shi Zhiyong (CHN)
This is the only division where weightlifting superpower China send two lifter. Shi Zhiyong (CHN) is a fantastic competitor , placed either first or second at every world championhips during the last 5 years, but has not equalled his best total of 350 kg since 2005. Following his 2004 Olympic victory, he moved up to 69 kg category.Liao Hui (CHN) is another newcomer selected to the team when he lifted this year’s best (355 kg) at the national team trials in April. 20 years old Liao set a junior clean and jerk world record of 190 kg last december and added 20 more kilos to his total since then.
Tigran Gevorg Martirosyan (ARM) has this year’s European championsips title with totalm of 346 kg. He set up junior world records in snatch (158 kg) and total (346 kg). He is stronger in snatch and his placing mostly depends on his final result in this discipline.He and Athen’s runner-up Lee Bae-young will cause hot moments challenging the Chinese duo.

Liao Hui (CHN)

Tigran Gevorg Martirosyan (ARM)