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Men’s 69 kg: Liao (CHN) had to worry several times but won

Shi CHN Liao CHN Dabaya FRA

The opening attempts of both Chinese were missed. What a sensation! Later Shi corrected his mistakes once (152 kg), Liao corrected twice and finally found himself on the lead (158 kg). Frenchmen Dabaya-Tientcheu, former world champion, kept in touch with his rivals snatching 151 kg. Martirosyan just had his opening attempt well done (153kg). He had to loose 8 kg-s and was not as strong as normally he is.Lee Baeyoung (KOR) had promising result (155 kg) in snatch but he had no success in clean and jerk at all. Shi (CHN) former Olympic champion of 62 kg after having only one succesful movement did not appear any more on the stage for clean and jerk. Liao finally jerked 190 kg. Martirosyan had 185 for his third, Dabaya-Tientcheu had 187 kg for his first attempt. The Frenchman was encouraged to try 197 kg for the gold but he was far from that weight. Martirosyan and Dabaya-Tientcheu achieved the same result (238 kg), but the silver will fly to France as Martirosyan was heavier by 52 dkg. Liao fineshed on the first place with 348 kg, 10 kg ahead of the other two medalists.

Martirosyan ARM Lee Baeyoung KOR