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Men’s 62 kg Press conference quotes

Zhang Xiang Xiang /CHN/ Diego Salazar /COL/ Triyatno /INA/

Zhang Xiang Xiang /CHN/, gold medalist:

“I had a chance to run with the Olympic torch as a relay member. My turn came a day later, 13th of May as the tragical earthquake we suffered. This experience helped me a lot in my training and finally to win the gold medal. I could not be in sure in this victory as I was not sure about my entry at all. It was announced just very shortly before the Games started. I think our management decision was a good one to select me.”

Diego Salazar /COL/, silver medalist:

“You can list on the score sheet, it tells everything. I was the only one on the field of 62 kg whose all the 6 attempts were good.”

Triyatno /INA/, bronze medalist:

“My friend’s, Irawan’s medal won yesterday had a great influence on me. My hand got injured during the snatch. The first discipline made me very tired. These were the reasons I failed my first two attempts in clean and jerk. Who remembers of these mistakes. Here I am with a bronze medal.”