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The first four categories all brought new records!

O Jong Ae

Chen was as successful to break Olympic records as she was four years ago in Athens. At that time she set up new Olympic records in snath and total, today she rewrote the list in clean and jerk and in total. But first O Jong Ae could be very proud of her attempt of 131 kg as the highest ever jerked weight in this category at Olympics. But she had no more words as Chen came to grab the record by 132 kg first, bringing a new Olympic record in total of 238 kg as well. The previous one was set up by herself in Athens by 237 kg. She was not satisfied enough with this brilliant result as she knew well those were far from her capacity. This strength and confidence resulted 138 kg in clean and jerk and 244 kg in total.New Olympic records! Five all together within quarter of an hour!


Chen Yanqing