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Men’s 56 kg Press conference quotes

Long Qingquan /CHN/ Long Qingquan /CHN/, gold medallist:
“I deserve to win the gold medal because I have worked very hard. I expected it in a way, but I am surprised at the same time. Since I was given the chance I wanted to cherish and win. I regret not being successful at my last clean and jerk attempt, but it doen not matter. Next time I will definitely break Mutlu’s record”


Anh Tuan Hoang /VIE/, silver medallist:
“I have tried my best to prepare for the Games because I did not win a medal 4 years ago in Athens. I did not go anywhere for three month and just practised so that today I could stand on the podium.It is the first medal for a male from Vietnam. It moved me a lot. I would like to compete against Long again. There is a saying: you will be stronger when your rival is storng. He is very strong and I have to work harder to catch up with him.”

Anh Tuan Hoang /VIE/
Eko Yuli Irawan /INA/: bronze medallist:
“I feel very happy because it is the first time for an Indonesian male to win a medal in weightlifting. I wish to fight against Long as I have not heard of him before, but it is time to know him better.”