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Women 48 kg Press Conference quotes

Gold Medallist Chen XieXia /China/:

” I was not thinking on winning the very first gold for China. There are no differences between gold medals. I do not feel anything special about it. For me the main concern was to win faultless. I had really special support from the Chinese crowd. I do not think I was under pressure. I shouted my own self-made slogan to cheer me up to help me to achieve my best.”
Silver Medallist Sibel Ozkan /Turkey/:

“I could have done better, especially in clean and jerk, but I was under stress. I had a long term injury and I had no effective trainings. I still feel happy and proud to be here”
Bronze medallist Chen Wei-Ling /TPE/:

“I just followed what my coach told me.The little mistakes I made are all because of my nerves. Zhang JiaMin, our Chinese coach came to our team just last November. We had only six months to work together, but he improved the whole team. He taught me whole-heartedly and I shold thank him.”