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The first Chinese gold.

Chen XieXia won the first Chinese gold medal with Olympic record total of 212 kg in 48 kg category.
She made all of her six attempts without any mistake with absolute precision. The competition looked to be over when Chen led already by 7 kg over Ozkan /TUR/. As a clean and jerk world record holder Chen was full of confidence and had a fantastic victory.

Chen Xiexia

She already was the hot favourite since she beat out Yang Lian for a chance to compete for China.

Chen won the gold in the National Championship this April, which added to her competitiveness as a candidate for China’s Olympic squad. Then she was injured in the last pre-Games event in July, prompting consideration of Yang as a serious Olympic contender, especially after she broke the world record at that same pre-Games event.

A July 25 check-up determined Chen was recovered and ready for competition.


Taylan /TUR/, the defending Olympic champion made a quick exit of the competiton as she was not prepared enought to lift 84 kg in snatch. 2007 silver medallist, Bunphithak /THA/ shared this feeling not succeeding of 84 kg.