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No answer from 18 countries out of 87!

No answer from 18 countries out of 85!

IWF Media office leads a campaign to collect all the possible information on 85 participating nations’ athletes for media use during the Games. All countries were requested to complete the given questionnary on their lifter/s/. Thanks to those from 69 countries taking this “game” seriously, understanding how important task it is to provide the international media with correct datas. The other 18 federations were not interested in achieving this goal and in this way we have to miss 45 athletes biographical datas.

Europe/4/: Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Moldova,

Asia/6/: Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

America/5/: Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala,

Africa/3/: Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria,

We got them all from Oceania /12 countries/