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IWF to revise its Olympic quota withdrawal decision

At its recent meeting in Cali, Colombia, the IWF Executive Board put under revision its earlier decision of 11 March 2008, according to which Olympic qualification quota should be withdrawn from countries producing positive doping results between 1 January and August of 2008. That particular measure was intended to underline the IWF’s extremely strong and determined fight against the abuse of doping.

With regard to the fact, however,

         that the Olympic Games are the event of the International Olympic Committee and come under its jurisdiction,

         that the Olympic Qualification Regulations for the 2008 Beijing Games were approved by the IOC already at the middle of 2006,

         that the above stipulation of the IWF was not included in the approved Qualification Regulation for Weightlifting and no such modification can be made at this late date,

after consulting the IOC, the IWF acknowledges that it will not implement its former decision for Beijing 2008.

At the same time, the countries concerned have the right to return Olympic quota to the IWF, and the IWF very much appreciates if such NOCs, adopting the principles and the spirit of the anti-doping fight, are willing to do so.

The IWF has already determined to include such rule into the Qualification Regulation for the next, the 2012 London Olympic Games.