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IWF eliminates World Standards from World Record list

Following the proposal of the Scientific and the Technical Committees, the IWF Executive Board decided to eliminate the so-called “World Standards” from the list of World Records.

As it is known, with the introduction of the current set of bodyweight categories, on 1st January 1998, World Standards were created based upon previous best performances, any result exceeding those to be recognised as the World Record on the lift or on the total.
Since 1998, almost all of these marks have been exceeded, in most cases several times, except for 4 results in the men’s 85kg, 94kg and 105kg.
Now, according to the decision of the IWF, the best performances achieved on these lifts since 1st January 1998 up to today are recognised as the Current World Records.

The official World Record List has been updated accordingly.