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In the aftermath of the Greek doping cases

The IWF Executive Board at its meeting on 13 June 2008 listened to the report of the Hearing Panel of the 11 Greek athletes who had proved positive in an out-of-competition control on 7 March 2008.
Yannis Sgouros, IWF General Secretary confirmed to the Board that since 2005 he had not borne any function in the Hellenic Weightlifting Federation, nor was he associated in any way with these cases. As regards the issue, he supported the most stringent action or decisions possible. Although he had no relation whatsoever with the athletes and officials concerned, as a Greek person he was aware of the gravity of this unprecedeentede situation and offered his resignation as General Secretary of the IWF. The Executive Board unanimously rejected his offer and reconfirmed full confidence to Mr. Sgouros.

The athletes concerned as well as the Greek Federation were duly sanctioned. All the eleven athletes were suspended for two years. As it is known, Greece had obtained Olympic quota for 5 men and 3 women. The Hellenic Olympic Committee, the Hellenic Weightlifting Federation and the IWF agreed that Greece would enter only 3 male and 1 female weightlifters to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.