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IWF to launch issue of International Referee Licences 2009-2013 this September

On the eve of the Junior World Championships in Cali, the IWF Executive Board met and decided on a couple of important issues. Among these were that the Federation will launch the issue of International Referee Licence stamps for the next Olympic cycle, i.e. 2009-2013 already around September this year.
Considering the recent dramatic decline of the rate of the US dollar, the new Referee Licences will be sold at:
US$100 for a Category Two licence
US$200 for a Category One licence
These rates were unanimously ratified by the delegates of the IWF General Congress.

At the same time, the IWF Coaching Licence Certification project will also be implemented. The relevant will be posted on the website. The Fee for such Licence (also for a 4-year term) has been fixed at US$200 as well.