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All 205 NOCs to take part in Beijing Olympics

The National Olympic Committees of the world gathered from the 7th to the 9th of April to participate in the XVI General Assembly of ANOC held in Beijing. On April 10th, they held their Joint Meeting with the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee. 

According to ANOC President Mario Vazquez Rana, ANOC would give full support to the Beijing Olympic Games. "ANOC members express full support to the Beijing Olympic Games and none of our members gave any indication of not supporting the game," Rana told.

Rana added that all 205 member NOCs affiliated to the ANOC will "for 100 percent sure" participate in the Beijing Games.

Dr. Tamás Aján, IWF President, Member of IOC participated at International Federations’ meeting where all participants expressed their firm viewpoint that sports and politics should respect each other and the world of sport does not want the political world to interfere with their affairs, he added.

Dr. Tamas Ajan had a meeting with Mr. Yang Shu An, BOCOG Executive Vice President and they agreed to organize a meeting for International Technical Officials on 8th of August 9.00 in the weightlifting competition hall. The International Technical Officials’ participation is compulsory in this meeting.

The accreditations are now being processed by the IWF Secretariat and the BOCOG Accreditation.