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IWF President visits Teheran for Namdjou Cup

The new leadership of the Iranian Weightlifting Federation, under the baton of Mr. Bahram Afsharzadeh, an experienced leader and former NOC General Secretary, has set a new line of governance in the country’s weightlifting sport. In an attempt to reunite the heros of the past, great champions like Mahmoud Namdjou or Mohamed Nassiri, and the Iranian and international elite of today, they revived the Namdjou Cup and organised its 8th edition in Teheran.

In a large-scale event with substantial international participation, competitors enjoy the benefits of a venue built and used specifically and exclusively for weightlifting. Dr. Tamás Aján, IWF President and IOC Member highlighted the competitions with his presence. The IWF President also used his presence in Teheran to visit the office of the Asian Weightlifting Federation General Secretary.