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Olympic Test to introduce the 2008 Calendar

An international tournament titled "Good Luck Beijing", which will take place in the Olympic Weightlifting Venue in the Chinese capital will be the first event of the busy 2008 Olympic Year.

Competitions will be held under the auspices of the IWF, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Organizing Committee and the Chinese Weightlifting Association on 22nd and 23rd January in the women’s 53kg and +75kg and the men’s 56kg and +105kg categories. During his recent technical visit to the Olympic city, one of the IWF’s Technical Delegates, Mr. Attila Ádámfi stated that the venue, the Behang Gymnasium was ready to welcome the cream of the sport. Among the athletes invited to the Test Event there are many Olympic and world champions and the results will be taken into consideration for the individual Olympic Qualification. As the purpose of the tournament is to test as many features as possible of the Olympic Games organization, in addition to the international participants, in each category Chinese lifters will be fielded to fill up two groups, thus also imitating the Olympic-style competitions.

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