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Paris can organise the 2011 World Championships

The allocation of the 2011 Olympic Qualification World Championships was one of the key items on the agenda of the IWF Executive Board at its ChiangMai meeting today. Two equally strong candidates – Los Angeles, California, USA, and Paris, France – presented brilliant bids rated by IWF President Dr. Aján as being on par with Olympic candidatures.

Both the USA and the French Federation’s candidatures enjoyed the full support of the respective governments, cities, National Olympic Committees and sports authorities and were submitted to the Board in professional and spectacular presentations. All agreed that it was an extremely difficult decision between two equally determined candidates.

Finally, the vote favoured the Paris candidature (10:8). As Jean-Paul Bulgaridhes, President of the French Federation vowed: the French capital would organise "The Championships of the 3rd Millennium" in 2011, also apt to be the dress rehearsal of the 2012 London Olympic Games.