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“In Chiangmai preparations are very well advanced” – say IWF officials

Anikó Németh-Móra, Director, and Attila Ádámfi, Competition Director, who arrived in Chiangmai, site of the 2007 Qualification World Championships on 10 September, stated that the Thai hosts were well on time with the preparations to welcome the Weightlifting Family.

TAWA Organizing Committee has set up its facilities in the two hotels offering hospitality to the representatives of more than ninety countries – ChiangMai Orchid Hotel and Lotus Hotel – and are near to completing the venue, the Sports Complex.

Those participants who had sent information on their itinerary to the 2007 RWWC Organizing Committee are receiving very valuable assistance from the Thai hosts during their transfer in Bangkok (immigration, visa, check-in).

In the Northern Thailand city, public and media attention is increasingly focusing on what they expect to be a main event in Thailand’s most successful sport.