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Indonesian man gets first ever gold medal

A surprise start at the 2007 Men`s and Women`s Junior Worlds. It used to be a "rule" that in the lightest categories for both men and women China would collect six gold medals.

In Prague, however, Chinese weightlifters won only one gold medal. Nevertheless, some surprise results were born on the platform in exciting battles.

In both the women`s 48kg and men`s 56kg competitions there was a tie in the first place, leaving the bodyweight to decide who is the winner. New world champions were crowned: in 48kg Sibel Ozkan, TUR – although she did not count as the number one favourite – stole the show (181kg). In the men’s 56kg Eko Yuli Irawan’s victory was not altogether unexpected (273kg). Irawan is credited with being the first ever lifter of Indonesia to capture the world title (two at once) among the men – including seniors and juniors.

Genny Pagliaro of Italy defended her former title in snatch and in total she won her first silver.

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