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London 2012 Sports Director’s visit at the IWF

"Now, 5 years before the Games, 69% of the venues are already existing or just need  to be upgraded for the Games. Weightlifting will be centrally located and held in a beautiful venue." Ms. Deborah (Debbie) Jevans, Sports Director of the London 2012 Olympic Games, said, during her short visit to Budapest, following the invitation of the IWF President, Dr. Tamás Aján. 

Prior to taking this key job at the London 2012 Olympic Organising Committee, Ms. Jevans had been a world-class tennis player and General Secretary of the International Tennis Federation. She thus has a comprehensive knowledge of International Sport, as well as excellent contacts to the Olympic Sport Federations. Born and living in London, she reports of an over 80% support of the British people to the Olympic Games, and says that the preparatory works are on target. "Together with you, we will make weightlifting an excellent event of the Games," the Sports Director assured her friends at the IWF. "Although I am expecting the IOC Co-ordination Commission’s visit in just two weeks’ time and so I am extremely busy, hiring staff, getting ready for the sports presentation, so I have no time for travelling to places or Federations, I had made a promise to my longtime friend and colleague Tamás Aján to visit him and the IWF and I wanted to fulfil it. Besides, we have a number of issues to discuss in view of the upcoming Games, so I squeezed this ‘blitz visit’ in my schedule." Ms. Jevans will return to Budapest for sure, a city she finds absolutely beautiful and charming.