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IWF Handbook to be updated for 2008-2012

As with all the previous editions, the IWF intends to make a step-by-step and well-considered preparation of the next edition of the IWF Handbook, which contains:

  • the Constitution
  • the By-Laws
  • the Technical Rules
  • and the Anti-Doping Policy of the IWF.

(The currently valid IWF Handbook is available on this website.)

As before, we wish to follow a well-proven procedure, whereby all the competent bodies of the IWF will have repeated opportunities to discuss, debate and approve or reject the various proposals before presenting a comprehensive Draft document to the 2008 IWF Electoral Congress.

The procedure starts with the proposals of the National Federations and the Members of the Executive Board or the Committees. Therefore, if these have any proposals for the modification or updating of the IWF Constitution, the By-Laws or the Technical Rules, please forward these by letter, fax or e-mail to the IWF before 1st May 2007.