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Another victory for China

Women`s 63kg: It was Quyang Xiaofang`s duty to continue the streak of Chinese victories in the women`s 63kg (29 competitors) – and she duly delivered. All the three gold medals, in snatch, clean and jerk and total went to Quyang and not to Russia`s gold-medal favourite Svetlana Shimkova.

This outcome, however, was not to be foreseen before the final round of attempts. In snatch, the Chinese woman was at the verge of dropping out when she managed to complete her third lift at 110kg. In clean and jerk, the current owner of the world record (141kg), Shimkova took two attempts at the winning 139kg, but she failed both times. The bronzes were collected by Meline Daluzyan of ARM, junior European champion.

Quyang Xiaofang CHN

Quyang Xiaofang CHN