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Iranian Superheavy World Champion also among the Juniors

The category of the heaviest juniors (+105kg) concluded with a big surprise. Newcomer 18-year old Iranian Saeid ALIHOSSEINI captured the gold medal in total. With his success, the superheavy champion?s titles are now retained by Iran both among the seniors (REZA ZADEH) and the juniors. The battle for the medals was unusually close: only 3 kilos separated the first from the 5th place winner.

Ukrainian Ihor SHYMECHKO was unable to keep the 5-kg lead he had from the snatch until the end of the competition, because he jerked only 209kg against ALIHOSSEINI?s 215kg. Chinese LIU Guohui lifted most (225kg) in the clean and jerk but overall he came in only third.