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Victory by the largest margin

In what was so far the most exciting competition of the Junior World Championships, the Chinese competitor came out victorious. In the men?s 77kg, SU Dajin ? unknown to the international stage ? preceded last year?s junior bronze medallist, Polish Mikalai CHARNIAK by the smallest one kilo margin. The bronze went to Alexei YUFKIN of Russia.

The Chinese skipped the women?s 69kg category, so the two Russian girls fought their own battle. Both stood out by far from the field. The new junior world champion, Nadezdha EVSTYUKHINA (265kg) outmastered her team-mate by 9 kilos, but Oxana SLIVENKO herself (257kg) registered an unbelievably large margin over the bronze medal winner, Tetyana ZHUKOVA of Ukraine. Thereby the difference between the winner and the third place winner was 64kg!