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IWF Software for National competitions!

We are very pleased to announce that, on the commission and with the co-ordination of the IWF, a Competition Management Software has been produced, that is especially developed to carry out National Weightlifting Championships and competitions with the help of computer technology.

One of the unique services of the programme is that it can be used not only in English but basically in any language of the world.

Using this Software will not only assure the standardization of weightlifting?s competition managements but also an operation in full accordance with the IWF rules and regulations.

The operation of the Attempt Board and Scoreboard can easily and simply be provided with plasma TV and projector, which can be controlled by drivers built in the Software.

The Competition Management Software can be purchased at the IWF Secretariat at US$2,000 ? the price includes upgrades following rules-modifications.

Address any further questions to Attila Adamfi, IWF Competition Director (E-mail:  Fax: +36 1 3530199).