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Alert! – Voting about to be frustrated by irresponsible “voters”

When launching the “Lifters of the Year 2005” election, we hoped that last year’s disaster won’t repeat this time – when spam “voting cards” carrying only one name, that of Hossein Reza Zadeh – overloaded and paralysed the IWF’s communication system for weeks.
Much to our dismay, however, we have to see that irresponsible people are now trying to do the same, as “votes” started to pour immediately by e-mail and fax from unidentifiable or Iranian sources, thus blocking the way of other, regular Voting Cards.
Therefore, we kindly ask the fans to STOP flooding the e-mail address and the fax with such mail! At the same time, we are forced to confirm that ONLY THE VOTING CARDS CARRYING 3 NAMES FOR MEN AND 3 NAMES FOR WOMEN will be taken into consideration in the election.
Also, only one Voting Card will be accepted from one person. Repeated votes will lead to automatic elimination of all the votes from the same source. If the dumping of the irregular votes should continue, we shall have to consider cancelling the entire Best Lifter election – which would be a great pity for the sport and for the deserving athletes.
We count on the good sense and the goodwill of the Friends of Weightlifting and sincerely hope that we can conclude the Best Lifters of 2005 election can be concluded in a fair, legal and dignified manner.