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IWF Executive Board decision on the sanctions imposed on the Turkish Federation

I. Preamble

The IWF Executive Board hereby acknowledge the achievements of the Turkish Weightlifting Federation (“TWF”) having organised several international events and its valuable contribution to the Weightlifting Sport.
The IWF Executive Board express the need to all member National Federations to strengthen the Anti-Doping Program within their countries.
II. Sanctions
1. The TWF shall be suspended from all international events until 31st May 2006.
2. The TWF shall pay the fine of US 100,000 that is one hundred thousand US dollars, before being readmitted to the membership of IWF. The IWF Executive Board declares that the fine shall be used for the purpose of anti-doping activities.
3. The TWF shall identify the coaches and athletes involved in this matter and impose the necessary sanctions.
4. The TWF shall develop and implement an Anti-Doping Education Program to be approved and monitored by the IWF Executive Board.

Doha, 15 November 2005