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Records continue to fall on Day 2 of World Championships

The Asian countries have showed their dominance of the competition so far, at the 2005 Centennial World Weightlifting Championships in Doha, Qatar.
After China?s Wang Mingjuan set nine new junior and senior records in the women?s 48 kilogram class on the first day of competition, fellow Chinese lifter Ping Li grabbed three new junior records in the women?s 53 kg class on Day 2.
Li now holds the junior record in the clean and jerk, lifting 126 kilos, and the record for total kilos, at 224.
Li claimed the overall gold in her class, beating Thailand?s Junpim Kuntatean by lifting just one more kilo in the clean and jerk, after both athletes lifted 98 kilos in the snatch. Kuntatean was in the battle for gold right up until her final attempt, but missed the mark and fell to the floor. She had to be carried off stage and taken away on a stretcher.
The overall bronze in the women?s 53 kg event went to Yudergue Contreras of the Dominican Republic, who posted a total of 211 kg. Contreras also took the bronze in the snatch, lifting 95 kg, but lost it to Thailand?s Suda Chaleephay in the clean and jerk portion. Both athletes lifted 116 kg but Chaleephay won it on the tiebreaker by bodyweight.
The action was also fast and furious in the men?s 62 kg competition, as two athletes from China fought down to the wire for gold.
In the end, it was Le Qui who went home with the overall gold, after out-lifting Ping Zhang by eight kilos in the clean and jerk, for a total of 322 kg.
Zhang picked up the gold in the snatch, lifting 145 kilos over Qui?s 144, but finished with silver after posting a total of 315 kg.
The overall bronze medal went to Romania?s Adrian Jigau, who had a total of 292 kg. Jigau also won bronze in the snatch, with a lift of 133 kg, as well as bronze in the clean and jerk, with a lift of 159 kg.
Day 3 of the competition will feature the women?s 58 kg category and the men?s 69 kg.