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From 1st May 2005 enters the “1-kilo era”

The second hundred years of the IWF will begin with
a historic change in the sport of weightlifting.

The progression of the weight of the barbell by
2.5-kg increments in competition, and by 0.5-kg increments for the
records will be replaced by the new and universal standard of 1-kilo
multiples, starting with 1st May 2005.

If we wish to summarize the essence of this new
rule, here it is: the weight of the bar may be any multiple of 1
kilogram. For the calculation of the total the best snatch and best
clean and jerk weights are simply added. This will allow for more
flexibility and better differentiation between lifters eventually
registering the same bodyweight.

The rule applies also to records, which obviously
entails the adjustment of the records currently ending on .5
kilogram. According to the decision of the IWF Executive Board,
these records will be registered .5 kilo lower as World Standards,
under the name of their holder. Any result exceeding these by a
minimum of one kilo will be registered as the new World