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2011 Doping control results of Calendar Events

According to the IWF Anti-Doping Policy (ADP), on every IWF Calendar Event doping control is carried out. To further strengthen our communication with our NFs, we wish to inform you on the doping result of such events to the extent the ADP allows us. Therefore nationalities and names of concerned athletes will not be disclosed; however the number of positive cases will be listed time to time following receipt of results. 30th Manuel Suarez Tournament Matanzas, CUB: 2 positive casesAsian Championships Tongling, CHN: 1 positive caseEuropean Weightlifting Championships Kazan, RUS: 7 positive

Comparative Chart of the EWC and AWC results

Media experts and international weightlifting specialists are analyzing the results of the European Championships and the Asian Championships in order to make a comparison between the two events held at the same time; on two different continents; with different Technical Officials. In order to facilitate the work of professional analyzers, the IWF decided to produce a Comparative Chart with combined results for both events. Complementary information in regard to the previous gold medallists of the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing, 2009 WWC Goyang and 2010 WWC Antalya were added. This study gives useful data for the preparation period of the upcoming 2011 World Championships held in Paris, France and the London 2012 Olympic Games. The 2011 European Championships held in Kazan, Russia attracted 72 Women and 114 Men lifters, which means a Total of 186 competing athletes. The 2011 Asian Weightlifting Championships Tongling, China involved a relatively small number of participants. Only 94 athletes competed at the event (35 Women and 59 Men). The high level competitions meet the expectations of World Championships.Both competitions were organized with outstanding standards of professionalism; but maybe the difficulties to reach the city of Tongling for the National Federations willing to participate in the Asian Competition resulted in the lower participation. With only 1 year left before the London 2012 Olympic Games, all National Federations' priority is to build up their National Team. The Comparative Chart enables National Federations' Leaders to draw their conclusions in regard to their preparation strategy for the last step of Team Qualification - the 2011 World Championships Paris. Click here to view the

Results from the Asian Weightlifting Championships

Men's 56kg category:1. Wu Jingbiao (CHN), 130kg Snatch/ 158kg Clean & Jerk / 288kg Total2. Askari Majid (IRI), 115kg Snatch/ 140kg Clean & Jerk / 255kg Total3. Makarov Ruslan (UZB), 114kg Snatch/ 140kg Clean & Jerk / 254kg Total Men's 62kg category:1. Zhang Jie (CHN), 147kg Snatch/ 170kg Clean & Jerk / 317kg Total2. Kim Un Guk (PRK), 140kg Snatch/ 166kg Clean & Jerk / 306kg Total3. Cha Kum Chol (PRK), 131kg Snatch/ 167kg Clean & Jerk / 298kg Total Women's 48kg category: 1. Tian Yuan (CHN), 93kg Snatch/ 113kg Clean & Jerk / 206kg Total2. Wen Shih-ping (TPE), 68kg Snatch/ 90kg Clean & Jerk / 158kg Total3. Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu (IND), 68kg Snatch/ 90kg Clean & Jerk / 158kg Total Women's 53kg category: 1. Li Ping (CHN), 90kg Snatch/ 125kg Clean & Jerk / 215kg Total2. Yu Weili (HKG), 85kg Snatch/ 110kg Clean & Jerk / 195kg Total3. Matsa Santoshi (IND), 70kg Snatch/ 88kg Clean & Jerk / 158kg