of 20 January 2023



The OQR includes ONLY one (1) athlete per Olympic bodyweight category per NOC (Member Federation) with the highest Totals (in kilograms) achieved in any of the Qualification Events.


The OQR contains the official results of the following qualifications event(s) already concluded


ˇ       2022 IWF World (Senior) Championships (Bogotá, COL) / 05-16 December 2022


Please note that the OQR will be updated after each qualification event.

For the full list of Olympic Qualification Events and to access the Olympic Qualification System, please click

In the circumstance that two, or more, athletes record the same Total in the same Olympic bodyweight category they shall be ranked in order of which achieved the result first, using equivalent Greenwich Mean Times (GMT) to decide such if necessary.



Results achieved by athletes in non-Olympic bodyweight categories will be included in the OQR in the respective Olympic bodyweight category that incorporates their weight as indicated in the below table (e.g., athlete's total in M67kg achieved at the 2023 IWF Grand Prix I, will be included in the Olympic bodyweight category of M73kg). The highest Total achieved by each athlete at qualification events will be counted towards their overall ranking, taking into consideration that only one (1) athlete per Olympic bodyweight category per NOC (with the highest Total result in kilograms) will be included in the OQR.


IWF Men bodyweight

Olympic Men bodyweight categories

55kg (<= 55.00kg)

61kg (<= 61.00kg)

61kg (55.01kg-61.00kg)

67kg (61.01kg-67.00kg)

73kg (61.01kg-73.00kg)

73kg (67.01kg-73.00kg)

81kg (73.01kg-81.00kg)

89kg (73.01kg-89.00kg)

89kg (81.01kg-89.00kg)

96kg (89.01kg-96.00kg)

102kg (89.01kg-102.00kg)

102kg (96.01kg-102.00kg)

109kg (102.01kg-109.00kg)

+102kg (>102.00kg)

+109kg (> 109.00kg)



IWF Women bodyweight categories

Olympic Women bodyweight categories

45kg (<= 45.00kg)

49kg (<= 49.00kg)

49kg (45.01kg-49.00kg)

55kg (49.01kg-55.00kg)

59kg (49.01kg-59.00kg)

59kg (55.01kg-59.00kg)

64kg (59.01kg-64.00kg)

71kg (59.01kg-71.00kg)

71kg (64.01kg-71.00kg)

76kg (71.01kg-76.00kg)

81kg (71.01kg-81.00kg)

81kg (76.01kg-81.00kg)

87kg (81.01kg-87.00kg)

+81kg (>81.00kg)

+87kg (> 87.00kg)